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146.850145.43 repeater






The 145.47 History page! 

 From WB4GBI: 

Recently,  I found several photos of the original 145.47. I built my very first repeater out of surplus GE "Progress Line"  transmitter and receiver strips, and added a control/repeater inerface that was home built on a GE design by George Shaver, K4HXD. I placed the repeater on the air from my parent's home on September 17, 1981. I had to call other hams on the phone to get them to try the repeater on the air!  From its humble beginnings to now, I am so proud of my little dream coming to life, and thankful to all of those who have used it over the years.  Here's a trip back in time to 1981, when  145.47 first went on the air! Sorry for the focus on the camera...