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The WB4GBI 145.17 repeater now features an IRLP node!
From Tim, WB4GBI:

Thanks to Joe, K1RBY, the 145.17 WB4GBI repeater has an IRLP node! When you use the IRLP node on 145.17,  it will sound just like another repeater user... only this user will bring us fellow amateur radio operators from around the world!

For more specific user information about IRLP, please check out their website. To use IRLP, you will need the four digit "node" or "reflector" number. That information is available on the website as well, click HERE.  The WB4GBI 145.170 IRLP node is 8342. After you have the four-digit number for the node or reflector that you wish to connect to, key your radio, ID with your callsign, then use your DTMF (touch tone) pad to send the number. If you are successful, you will hear the repeater respond with the node or reflector's connect message. Remember to PAUSE between transmissions to give the IRLP system time to work. When you are finished, key up your mic, ID first, then send the DTMF tones "73." The system will respond with a disconnect message if successful.

In order for my repeater to work properly on IRLP, the repeater will use tone squelch (encode and decode) on a full time basis. The tone is 118.8 Hertz, similiar to my other repeaters. The addition of the tone does NOT mean that the repeater is closed! It is in place to insure that no unwanted audio or signals are passed into the IRLP system.

If  you have any questions about how to use IRLP on 145.17, please give me a call or email. 

Thank you, K1RBY!!

The 145.170 (PL 118.8 Hz) repeater is located in 

South Knox County, TN.
These are pictures of the tower at View park Hill 
that show the 145.170 antenna

Here you get a closer look at the repeater's four pole 
DB-224 Antenna.  It's mounted on the side of the tower, next to the top. 
(That's a cellular tower in the bottom-background)

After looking skyward, here are some shots of the 145.170 repeater itself. 

The 145.170 machine is actually a Motorola "Micor" series repeater, 
with a Wacom WP-641 4-cavity band pass/band reject duplexer. 
This is a factory-made 132-150 split repeater, which was purchased back in 1995. 

Here, we see a view 
of the repeater cabinet.

This is the back of the repeater 
with the rear cabinet door off. 
Notice the three fans atop the 
repeater PA for cooling the PA heatsink

This view better illustrates the contents of the cabinet.
Here , you can see the entire repeater cabinet. From top to bottom:  You can see the control shelf where the plug-in "cards" are, then the receiver, then the repeater power supply near the bottom. 
A brief history of 145.170...      The 145.170 repeater began it's service to East Tennessee Amateurs in Loudon county... originally a hamtronics repeater kit.  Tim purchased the machine and upgraded it to a GE Mastr Pro - then re-coordinated it to a location on top of Black Oak Ridge in North Knoxville in 1992 (at the old 147.075 site).  A few years later the machine was upgraded again to the equipment you see here, and relocated to it's present site in South Knoxville, atop View Park Hill.  This is a local coverage repeater, serving the Knoxville area with 100-watts ERP.