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145.430 repeater


146.850 repeater

147.150 repeater



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440.575 Mhz DMR repeater


D-STAR repeater




Repeater Statistics:

Repeater Model:  Motorola Quantar VHF 

Duplexer: Celwave PD-497-1
six-cavity BpBr

Transmission Line:  7/8" LDF Heliax
Antenna: Sinclair SD-224
450 ft above ground

HAMSL at Antenna:
  1765 feet

Height above average terrain at antenna:


The 147.075 repeater is dedicated to the memory of its founder:
George Shaver,  K4HXD   1943-1995

PLEASE NOTE: The 147.075 repeater now requires a 118.8 Hz CTCSS (PL) tone. Please program your radio to encode a 118.8 Hz tone.

The autopatch feature on 147.075 is temporarily suspended; but it WILL be returning soon! Please check back to this page for updates.

The 147.075 (+) repeater has a NEW HOME!  

 On Saturday, April 9th, a newly delivered Motorola Quantar repeater was installed. It is connected to a brand-new antenna located 450 feet above ground, which was installed a week prior. It's new home is a 1500 ft broadcast tower located on Sharp's Ridge in North Knoxville. The new location  is just North of downtown Knoxville.   This location is perfect for Emergency use  in the urban areas of the city of Knoxville, 
while other larger scale coverage machines might be needed for larger-scale regional emergency communications. 

The 147.075 repeater shares the building with several high-powered TV transmitters, WUOT-FM, and several public safety systems. Emergency power is also available. The photo above shows the new Quantar repeater at the bottom of the repeater cabinet. It shares the cabinet with another Quantar UHF repeater in commercial service. 


The repeater installation crew! 


From left: Jim (KN4PLF), David (KF4DKW), Greg (N4KAC), Tim (WB4GBI), Jonathan (KC8CPW). 

Here's a panoramic view from the new 147.075 repeater site, thanks to David, KF4DKW!

A Brief 
History of the 147.075

George Shaver, K4HXD (now SK), originally put the repeater on  the air in 1982. It was placed in service at a the residence of "Doc" Gilmore, WA4MCX (now SK), who lived on top of Beaver Ridge in North Knox County.  It was one of only three autopatch repeaters when placed in service, and remained an open autopatch repeater after the other repeaters autopatches were discontinued.
Tim Berry purchased the repeater from George in 1986. He moved the repeater to Black Oak Ridge at the residence of Walter Taylor, father of Greg, N4KAC. It remained at Mr. Taylor's home until  1992.  Tim relocated the repeater to the WUOT-FM Auxiliary transmitter site on the West side of Sharp's ridge shortly after Tim became the new Chief Engineer of WUOT-FM Radio in 1990.  This repeater remained there for several years, while Tim continued his work there. 147.075 was relocated to a 300 ft tower when he was appointed Chief Engineer of WIVK-FM and it's sister stations In January 1998. It served there until April 2022 when it was upgraded to a Motorola Quantar and relocated to it's new home.    
     The repeater was moved to its present location on April 9, 2022. At this location, it is in a perfect spot for a repeater due to it's relative close-in location and emergency backup power system. 

Here's Tim, WB4GBI, Checking out the 147.075 repeater from its new site!