6  Meters

2 - Meters 

145.430 repeater


146.850 repeater



900 Mhz


440.575 Mhz DMR repeater


D-STAR repeater




wb4gbi with the 146.85 repeater

      First licensed in 1973 as WN4GBI, Tim Berry has been active in East Tennessee Amateur Radio for 48 years. He has held the Amateur Extra Class license since 1982, and also holds the FCC Lifetme General Radiotelephone license (previously the FCC First Class Radiotelephone license) since 1978. He is certified at the CBRE level by the Soceity of Broadcast Engineers and is also a member and past president of the Radio Amateur Club of Knoxville (RACK). He is a member of the Middle East Tennessee Emergency Radio Service (METERS).  Tim was a Director and Frequency Coordinator for the SouthEastern Repeater Association (SERA) from 1990-2004. 

      All the repeaters maintained by Tim are located in the Knoxville, TN area, and are open to all Amateur Radio Operators.  Any & all hams are welcome to try them out when in the area. Tim has been an amateur repeater owner since 1981. 

      Tim is presently employed as the Chief Engineer of WUOT-FM/HD1/HD2  at the University of Tennessee. Prior to returning to WUOT in July 2017, he spent 20 years as Chief Engineer for the Cumulus Media Knoxville Stations, WIVK-FM, WNML AM/FM, and WOKI-FM. In addition, He also is the broadcast engineer for WJBZ in Knoxville, WLAF in Lafollette, WLIK in Newport, WGSN in Newport, and WCLC-FM in Jamestown. Tim also provides engineering services to WYLV-FM, WOFM-FM, and WMXK-FM, which are owned and operated by Educational Media Foundation (K-Love and Air 1) and WUTK-FM, UT's student station. 

 John Ward and Bill Anderson

Tim in Neyland Stadium

He is also the Chief Engineer and Technical Director of the Vol Radio Network, which broadcasts the University of Tennessee football, basketball, and baseball games. He is married to Tammy, KB4TQO, and they have a daughter, Paige - a honors graduate from the University of Tennessee... who recently has been asked several times to sing the National Anthem before a capacity crowd in Thompson Boling Arena, before a UT Basketball game!
Paige Sings 
the National Anthem...

  then...Check out 
"Proud Papa" Tim!

     Back in early 1995 Tim had an opportunity to honor one of his mentors, George Shaver, K4HXD in a local Ham Club Newsletter.  George was the one person most responsible for taking Tim "under his wing" and showing him how much fun this hobby can be.  Tim's article was in response to George's passing, and he would like to share it with you here.

Tim, and the "Voice of the Vols",                           Proof Positive that Tim is                                 .
John Ward                                           truly, Out-Standing in his field!              .

In his office.... hidden
by a flock of HT antennae!